Emotional Cords Of Attachment

Different Energetic Connections To Others


In this life and in past ones as well we form connections and ties with all other human beings we meet. We all feel connected to different people in different ways. Sometimes we have deeply routed soul connections with someone causing (at times) overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, compassion and so on and sometimes we just have a soul connection with someone, no need to dignify it with a "degree level". All feelings within spiritual ties are of a higher vibration. Depending on what the  two of you came here to learn, and depending on what your past lives together look like you feel certain emotions towards a person and feel connected in a very unique and beautiful way (some emotions good which are spiritual ties and some from past lives which are negative and would go under the category of Frozen Blocks Of Energy) .This article though is specifically about Cords Of Attachment. We will not get into frozen energetic blocks.

For the sake of not confusing things we will call these different connections by different names. We form spiritual ties with people and we form Cords Of Attachment. You cannot cut, dissolve or ruin a spiritual tie while doing energy work. It is a higher vibration and it exists on a much higher level of existence (dimensions wise). We form one spiritual tie and one cord of attachment to each person we meet.

What Is A Cord Of Attachment


A Cord Of Attachment is an energetic tie from one human being to another and it exists on the astral level. Every time you have met a person in this lifetime and have had the conscious or subconscious thought of " I am interested in this person" or " I am curious about this person" you formed one energetic cord of attachment to them. These cords are filled with lots of emotional & mental garbage from this lifetime with another human being. If you were in an abusive relationship with someone, or if you had a teacher who made you feel bad about yourself, or if you had a friend who at one time made you feel bad, or parents who were abusive or made you feel bad etc. The list goes on. Then you most likely have a heavy, confusing and negatively life altering cord to that person that is holding you back from fully experiencing what it is like to be you.

These emotions and these thoughts get stuck in this cord you form with another person. Depending on how much of this emotional and mental gunk is in the cord determines how much of an effect these cords items will have on you daily life. These items (when there are a lot of them) affect your conscious, subconscious and emotional body 24/7. You begin to identify with negative thoughts or negative emotions.

Have you ever wondered why when you left an abusive relationship, and you mentally moved on you still felt bad about yourself, lacked confidence and still felt the emotions and had the thoughts of when you were with that person? That is the Cord Of Attachment working hard.

Consumer Smarts


The good news is you can remove this cord with a qualified professional energy practitioner like myself. There are others sure who offer " cord cutting"  but lets be honest, there are a lot of bad energy workers or good people who just don't know what they are doing. There are also great ones. Choosing one is not an easy task. I learned what I know from an amazing energy worker (Rose Rose-tree) who pioneered many of these things many years ago.  My work with her changed my life and after cutting dozens of cords I felt more like myself and more free than I had ever felt. So now, I pay it forward and offer this same service in sessions. Be careful who you choose to work with.  So now that I got that out of the way lets get back to it.

Using Your Amazing Self-Authority


Again, you cannot cut a spiritual tie only a cord of attachment. So cutting a cord to someone who is in your life currently is equally important as someone from your past. You free yourself up from holding onto negative emotions and thoughts and make it so there is only the loving, compassionate spiritual tie between the two of you.

You do not need to cut the cord to every single person you have ever met. Would it be beneficial? Probably. But that is obviously very unrealistic and overboard. But examples of people you should cut cords to are:

  • Parents/Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Anyone who bullied you, or  anyone who made you feel negative emotions about yourself
  • Ex Wife's, Husband's, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Lovers etc
  • Friends you spent or spend a lot of time with
  • People you spent a lot of time with and shared in an addiction process with (drugs, sex, emotions)
  • Bosses & Co-workers
You get the point hopefully. Those relationships that are the most important to you or were the most important or had the most impact on your life are the ones you should consider cutting. You are a brilliant and complex self aware human being and I am sure you had one or several people pop into your head right away when you read that list. That is you accessing your subconscious and your energy body and connecting with that cord, trust yourself. You know who you need to cut that negative tie with so you can take your power back once and for all.

The Benefits


The more major cords you cut the more free you are to experience the true you. Cutting one major cord can be life changing on its own. Sometimes you have many and need to cut a few or more to get the desired results. Everyone is unique.  Living a life without having unnecessary negative emotions or thoughts weighing you down and holding you back from moving on and moving forward in your growth as a human being in this lifetime is something everyone wants. Well you can have it if you put the work in.

Rather than identifying with "who someone made you think you are", or with "a way someone made you feel at one point or another" you can be free to connect with your authentic self, be able to make better decisions from a less clouded place and re-acquire or acquire the emotional skills you have always wanted.

Use Your Self-Authority Again


The good news is it doesn't take a belief that these types of sessions work. They just do, with or without your skepticism or even cynicism if you feel the need to bring it.  They do require an open mind and they do require a desire to heal and be the best you. Ask yourself or listen within. Does this resonate, does it make sense? It did for me, and now as someone who is a professional and has spent now over four years doing this type of work and reading peoples aura and all that amazing and not so amazing energy contained within it, it is clear to this self -aware professional these cords are very real and can and usually do have a major impact on ones life. But again, don't take my word for it, listen and trust your own self-authority.
Clear out your ego and ask yourself... how does this feel to me, does it feel right? is this something that will help?

Trust it.



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